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Emmanuel BUE is a Power Sector specialist and project manager experienced on development and management of projects at national and international level. His areas of expertise include Power system planning and modelling, economics, security of supply, energy transition and power system integration. Currently, Emmanuel is head of a technical committee working on long-term scenarios and the development of interconnection projects within the Mediterranean Region. In addition, he contributes within the framework of the activities of the Turkish national committee of CIGRE to the development of the area of competence in Power system development and Economics. He worked previously within the French TSO RTE as head of techno-economic and probabilistic studies team in the Transmission grid development Department of RTE. He holds an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Lille (1995) and a master degree in automatic and regulation from the University of Lille (France).

Aysu KUŞİN founded BeGrid Consulting with Emmanuel Bué in 2016.
Since 2016, she's in charge of strategical market development and intercultural management on behalf of our international clients. 
From 2003 to 2009 she has been Human Resources Director in different companies in France. In 2011 she founded an HR consulting company in France. She has a strong experience in Hr issues and intercultural management.
She holds a Master degree from İGS Paris and a licence degree in Labour Economics  and Human Resources from the University of Sorbonne Paris 1.  

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